CRY BABY – Plakat af Hornsleth

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‘Cry Baby’ is a humble reference to the brutal paradox of being alive in this crazy world.

On one hand you have to be tough and hard to survive and not cry like a baby at any time. On the other hand you will never enjoy art and get nowhere without compassion and empathy. Real men don’t cry, or do they?

The underlying poster of an Egon Schiele art work from around 1910, clearly shows the honest struggling emotion of the artist and the model.

On the original Hornsleth painting the Schiele poster is brutally glued on the canvas and Hornsleth has added paint and folding marks and even added his name over Schiele's name.

This is an act of art history. Just like in science, one artist build on an earlier art piece in the quest for new meaning.

Some art critics have commented upon Schiele's work as being grotesque, erotic, pornographic, or disturbing, focusing on sex, death, and discovery.

So please don't hold back, please cry!

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