Canis lupus

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This art work is part of an ongoing series of paintings with names of endangered species to remind us humans just how brutal and crazy we are towards the nature and our own future.

We all know what to do, why don't we react? I wish I knew. What does it help to make a painting about it? Have a think, amigo!

I don't care I want to fly on holiday, I want a new car, I want more junk food, I want more Bit coins, I don't need fresh vegetables, I don't need glaciers, I don't need clean water, f*ck the nature, f*ck the animal kingdom - (For the americans: This was ironic!)

Canis Lupus is the latin scientific name for the gray wolf, a large and social carnivore that lives in diverse habitats across the Northern hemisphere. Wolves are the ancestors of domestic dogs, but they differ in size, shape, color, and behavior. Wolves have broader muzzles, longer legs, and bigger teeth than most dogs.


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