Dansk provokunstner sælger digital kunst for millionbeløb: »Det stak fuldstændig af«
August 01, 2022

Danish provocateur artist sells digital art for millions: »It completely ran away«

It didn't take more than half an hour before Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth sold 906 NFT artworks for DKK 2 million. DKK

"Before the weekend, we really didn't know how the Danes would receive this kind of art. But it ran away completely, and that just confirms the point about the absurdly crazy things in this world. But I have to admit that it has been one of the funnest, most educational and profitable weekends of my life,' he says in a press release.

Kristian von Hornsleth is known for being a provocative artist, and his digital art universe goes by the name Rebels of Wealth . Part of his total of 5555 NFT artworks depict severed heads of major American tech bosses such as Metas Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The art project is a critique of the world's headless acceptance of "surveillance capitalism and The NFT world', it says.

"The tech giants are idolized by the masses, as if they bring more democracy and justice. We happily allow companies like Facebook and Google to have the rights to our personal data, while the media is completely uncritical of wealth and off-shore capitalism. It makes me nauseous. Upon entering this decadent NFT world, I want to clarify the crazy contrasts in digital greed,' Kristian von Hornsleth has previously stated.

Others of the thousands of digital artworks are a commentary on previously sold ones NFT works that have collected huge sums of millions.

"It is inflated to pay 10 million dollars for pixels. It is a clear example of the absurd digitization wave we live in. Mine NFTs exhibits the worst aspects of capitalism, as I usually do with my art, but I also capitalize on it, so I am a hypocrite myself,' says the Danish provocateur.

NFT stands for non-fungible token and is a digital asset.

NFT stands for non fungible token, which means that by adding special functions to a token, you make it unique. In this way, the owner is sure to be the sole owner of The NFT .

This does not mean that you are the only one who can see the item, but as the owner you have digital proof that you are the owner.

One NFT can be a work of art, a video file or a music sound file.

The technology behind it NFTs is based on blockchain, as well as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and cardano is built on.

NFTs really hit the ground running at the start of 2021, but has been around since 2014.