SUPER💥CRASH - exclusive hard cover art book.

Limited edition coffee table book from Kristian von Hornsleths solo exhibition - "$UPER CRA$H - at Randerskunstmuseum 2019.

  • Exclusive coffee table book 

  • Fromhuge  solo exhibition at Randers Kunstmuseum

  • 192 pages of excellent pictures and interesting articles.

  • Limited amount 

  • Signed copy available

This 192 pages hard cover art book is from Kristian von Hornsleth’s new “$UPER💥CRA$H” exhibition held at Randers Kunstmuseum, gives an intensive overview of Hornsleth’s work from way back. The  sublime graphic design is accompanied with interesting written texts from art historians and other friends of the artist.

The title ‘$UPER💥CRA$H’ is a typical Hornsleth style ironic political world view. As Hornsleth says: "Through history humans have conquered and destroyed the planet systematically. Early tribal cultures, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Vikings, Nazis, fascists, capitalists, communists and many others, have all had a go at it. The title is therefore a loud reminder of the wide range of global problems which will lead to a gigantic human crash, if we don’t act soon and get things back on track. 

The question is therefore pretty simply: If the human race is a disease - what is the cure?"

‘$UPER💥CRA$H’ - by Kristian von Hornsleth.

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