Uniquely designed art piece and rocking chair.

This art piece is now sold, but Hornsleth is working on a completely new one, which will be presented here as soon as it's finished.

This is one of a kind and a very unique art piece, which represent an interaction between a hyper specific design icon - a rocking chair - and total abstraction. 

Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth hereby seek the possibilities in combining the best from both worlds, hoping to create new and exciting thoughts, which inspire to a more abstract and colorful way of seeing our often very konservative and stiff world. 

Hornsleth believes, that thinking "out of the box" and seeing new combinations in our surroundings is crucial  o keep developing as a race and maybe it will reflect in the way we interact as humans in our everyday "9 to 5" lifes. Art should inspire us to being more creative and inovative in everything we do. Hornsleth sees this process as an interesting part of our evolution and human development.    

The materials used to create this unique designer chair is aerosol on a strong plastic frame, supported by a steel base, connected to the two oak rails, which creates the “rocking chair function”.

  • Unique art piece 
  • One of a kind art piece
  • Perfect collectors item
  • Abstract and different designer interior decoration
  • Specific design icon
  • Cool modern rocking chair 

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