An original ceramic art piece called  “SECRET SERVICE, CIA, MOSSAD A.O.” This vase are symbolishing the bourgeois safety and cosyness, while reality around it is a raging storm filled with Secret Service, conspiracies, deception, lies and cheating...and of course it’s all swept into a thick layer of policy and empty promises.  

This art pice again shows the multi talented expression from Hornsleth’s hand, who likes to work in a wide range of materials. A large and beautiful handmade ceramic vase (5 kg) with abstract colorful strokes and the word MOSSAD beautifully burnt into the material, using a classical Italian ceramic heating process.

This is a unique and one of a kind art piece (1/1), and a perfect gift item for the picky collector, who only wants only the very best and unique art pieces. 

  • Limited edition 1/1.
  • A pure collectors item.
  • One of a kind art piece. 
  • Unique and handmade ceramic art piece.
  • Original art piece by Danish artist Kristian von  Hornsleth.
  • 5 kg.
  • Shipped Worldwide

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