“POKEMON” – Plakat af Hornsleth

650,00 DKK

The art poster is a reproduction of Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth’s painting “POKEMON” showing a popular Pokemon toy figure, embroidered with the classical Hornsleth symbol F.Y.A.L. (F*ck You Art Lovers).

The artist believes that toys are created to underline at social construction in society today. Aimed precisely at a very “buyable” consumer group in society today, young families with kids - in other words: “Just shut up and consume, then everything will be just fine, and you will live happily ever after”.

  • Available in one size only.
  • Printed on strong, thick quality paper
  • Digital or Offset Lithography Press  / Digital fine art print
  • Reproduction of original art by Hornsleth
  • Shipped Worldwide

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