An original art piece called  “LOVE BUSTER”. Inspired by the increasing violence in our world, Hornsleth created these 100% limited edition solid brass knuckles, as a symbol to decrease the growing violence we see more and more in our world today. 

The Mayor of a  Danish city close to Copenhagen, called Ballerup, has bought and established a huge silver sculpture of this LOVE BUSTER” located in mid town, and placed there as a symbol against violence in the community,  

Love Buster is not just a knuckle iron.According to Kristian von Hornsleth, the message he is trying to send with this sculpture is, that you as a resident of the area, opt out of violence and choose love instead.

Therefore, the sculpture is not just a traditional iron knuckles, blown up in proportions.Its violent function is rendered harmless by means of four large hearts located where the fingers should otherwise be able to enter.The hard steel construction is softened by the warm symbolism of the hearts. Just as the sculpture unites steel and hearts, its name is a combination of the words ‘love’ and ‘knuckle buster’.

  • Limited edition.
  • Collectors item.
  • 4 kgs of 100% massive brass. 
  • Only one left is the one in a greenish brass version. 
  • The shiny brass version is completely sold out.
  • Material

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