Deep storage - DVD & Blu-Ray

The provocative Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth had an idea a few years ago, which proved to be easier said than done.

Blood samples from five thousand people are dumped in a metal container eleven kilometres deep in the ground, where they remain untouched for thousands of years as a kind of DNA museum of mankind.

Maybe forever, maybe until a future civilisation finds the container and recreates the people in it. However, the monumental 'Deep Storage Project' encounter all sorts of hardships along the way.

The global financial crisis sends shock waves through the art world, and a British art fraudster gets the optimistic Hornsleth entangled in his idiotic pipe dreams. At the same time, his relationship to his wife and the small film crew starts to get more tense - but he also meets unexpected support from the financial elite of the city of Vejle, and the acid rockers from Flaming Lips!

The controversial Hornsleth, who is widely known for having convinced the inhabitants of an entire village in Uganda to take on his surname in return for one goat each, has never kept his ego to himself or been too afraid to share his opinion. And the same is true in the film about his latest project. A mad idea, and a mad story.

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