CHAMPAGNE - 'FUCK THE POOR' - only 100 bottles!

Who is fucking who? Do we care about the poor? Don’t disturb me when I drink my champagne or drive my formula one car. The poor are lazy and can only blame themselves for their misery. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could be rich? Then we wouldn’t have to deal with these boring and smelly people. But can I enjoy my hard earned money when I am hunted by poor people wanting my money? Ten percent of the world population owns 90 percent. Maybe we should start looking for new solutions? Who cares. Cheers!

Sparkling bubbly delicious white vine. Austrian Gold Dry. 23 carat gold leaflets added. If you move the bottle head down, a golden rain will appear. 1,5 liter. 9,5%. alc vol.

Special transparent "FUCK THE POOR LABEL", designed for this unnecessary luxury entertainment art work. All bottles are signed and numbered by Hornsleth. 1/100.

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