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Do we really care about the poor? 

Are the poor just lazy people and can only blame themselves for their misery….?! 

Well….10% of the world population owns 90 %, so maybe we should start looking for new solutions, because democracy clearly dosen’t work for everyone.

This exclusive bottle of champagne is a provocative symbol, of the increasing inequality we see in society today. The “yellow west” movement in France clearly shows that things will get worse, if our politicians choose to ignore the voice, of the people who voted for them. This exclusive sparkling and delicious champagne, contains real 24 carat gold leafs and if you move the bottle head down, a beautiful golden shower will appear inside. The custom made and transparent “F*CK THE POOR LABEL” - are designed to provoke unnecessary luxury and a decadent lifestyle, in shape of a symbol of wealth. 

The bottle contains 1,5 liter with a 9,5%. alc vol.

All bottles are signed and numbered by Kristian von Hornsleth. 1/100. (only very few left)


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