This art poster  is a reproduction of the Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth’s original painting called “ARYAN ANGST” which is in Danish and means “Aryan Anxiety”.

The word Aryan comes from the ancient languages of Iran and India. It was the term that ancient Indo-Iranian-speaking people likely used to identify themselves in the period around 2000 B.C.E. This ancient group's language was one branch of the Indo-European language family. Literally, the word Aryan may mean a noble one. But By the early 20th century, Alfred Rosenberg and other northern European "thinkers" had taken the idea of the pure Nordic Aryan and turned it into a "religion of the blood." Rosenberg expanded on Gobineau's ideas, calling for the annihilation of racially inferior, non-Aryan types of people in northern Europe. Those identified as non-Aryan Untermenschen, or subhumans, including Jews as well as Roma, Africans, Asians, and Native Americans.

So this art poster again provokes the perception of how races interact in our world today, primarily with the wealthy white race as a clear dominant and problematic base for a lot of historical and current problems. 

  • Available in sizes: 50 x 70 cm / 19,7 x 27,6 inches, 70 x 100 cm / 27,6 x 39,4 inches & 100 x 140 cm / 39,4 x 55,1 inches
  • Printed on strong, thick quality paper
  • Digital or Offset Lithography Press  / Digital fine art print 
  • Reproduction of original art by Hornsleth
  • Shipped Worldwide

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