Anna Nicole – Plakat af Hornsleth

650,00 DKK

The painting is a salute to the famous playboy model, stirpper, actress and television personality, Anna Nicole. She had a short and intense life. At the age of 14 she dropped out of high-school, only to get married three years after. The marriage didn’t last, and in her mid 20s she was married for the second time with the 89-year old billionaire J. Howard Marshall. After Marshall’s death, Anna Nicole had to engage in a battle over the share of his estate as rumors told she was a gold digger. Simultaneously, Anna Nicole had to handle both the tragic death of her 20-years old son, Daniel, and a paternity and custody battle over her newborn daughter, Dannielynn. Finally, in 2007, Anna Nicole was found in a hotel room in Florida, dead from an overdose of prescription drugs.

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