Canis Lupus 2019 – Poster by Hornsleth

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Size: 50 x 70 cm

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This art work is part of an ongoing series of paintings with names of endangered species to remind us humans just how brutal and crazy we are towards nature and our own future.

We all know what to do, why don't we react? I wish I knew. What does it help to make a painting about it? Have a think, amigo!

I don't care I want to fly on holiday, I want a new car, I want more junk food, I want more Bit coins, I don't need fresh vegetables, I don't need glaciers, I don't need clean water, f*ck the nature, f*ck the animal kingdom - (For the americans: This was ironic!)

Canis Lupus is the Latin scientific name for the gray wolf, a large and social carnivore that lives in diverse habitats across the Northern hemisphere. Wolves are the ancestors of domestic dogs, but they differ in size, shape, color, and behavior. Wolves have wider muzzles, longer legs, and bigger teeth than most dogs.

"Nice good quality of posters"

Very good quality of posters. Delivery time was 6 days so satisfactory.

Jimmy Sorensen

"Really nice poster"

Really nice poster and fast delivery.

Mika Nelleman

"Mega nice"

Sends fast, cool art, great messages. Love love love.


Why is Kristian von Hornsleth's art unique?

Why is Kristian von Hornsleth's art unique?

Kristian von Hornsleth is a Danish artist known for his controversial and provocative work. His art differs from many other artists in several ways, i.a. through social and political messages and its strong provocation.

Kristian von Hornsleth wants to engage and challenge the audience on a deeper societal and political level.

What do our customers say about us?

Fantastic service by Hornsleth Shop!

The painting is delivered by Hornslethshop, photos sent when Hornsleth (himself) signs the painting.

Not the last time I will have something from Hornsleth.

Good experience all the way through.

Fast and easy to use. Got what I wanted.

The purchase actually took place directly with Kristian. But the payment for his beautiful work was made via the hornsleth shop... which works fine... the shop is now really irrelevant when buying cool art - thanks for that!

Fantastic experience - hearing the stories and thoughts behind various works, it just gave the whole thing a whole new dimension. Can only be recommended to experience!!! Kristian is happy to answer questions - that's great! I would love to come again :-)

Rolf Bjerregaard
Thomas Nobel
Mette Salomon

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