Hornsleth "3 KG" Golden Vodka is back on stock, but only in a very limited edition.

These vodka bottles a true collectors items, beautifully handmade liquid art pieces. Unique art only for those who what something very special to offer their guests. A very limited edition of vodka bottles, containing top quality vodka.

And they are of course all numbered and signed by Kristian von Hornsleth himself. 

  • Unique art pieces 
  • Only a very limited edition
  • High quality vodka
  • Statement art wrapping
  • All bottles are signed and numbered by Kristian von Hornsleth.
  • First edition (we only made 5 in this edition)
  • Contains aprox 40%. alc. vol. 
  • Collector items.
  • Adult only (over 18 yrs.)   

These very exclusive bottles of Vodka are made as a provocative symbol, of the increasing inequality we see in society today. They are handmade art pieces, with unique art work on each bottle, designed to provoke unnecessary luxury and a decadent lifestyle, underlined by the famous Hornsleth F.Y.A.L and RKSB symbols hand painted on the front.

PS. Adults ONLY (over 18 yrs.)

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