FU*K YOU ART LOVERS FOREVER - Hard cover art book.

A unique hardcover art book from Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth

This huge beautiful hard cover art book gives an intensive overview of Hornsleth’s work from 1995 to 2005. The sublime graphic design is accompanied with well written texts from art historians and artists who know Hornsleth well.

The title ‘Fu*k You Art Lovers Forever’ is a typical Hornsleth style ironic statement reflecting on his feeling towards art. As Hornsleth says:

”On one side I feel art is stupid, worthless and just fucking with people’s minds as they naively are seeking life content. On the other side art is the only alternative to despair, as it can offer endless joy and inspiration to all the scared little people on a little blue planet in a big dark universe". 

"There are crazy amounts of bad boring art out there, so I think to myself, that I must not be manipulated by the corporate cultural industrial art system and the so called good taste. I must try and decide myself and rely on myself to discover what real art is, and what I truly like, despite what other people say. Only this way I can find out, who is a real art lover, and fu*k the rest”


  • 552 pages
  • 5 kg.of pure art pictures 
  • Intersting articles 
  • Unique art book in two versions
  • Excellent paper quality prints


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