CoVid 19 MASKS

 CoVid 19 are here to stay.

"If we are going to live with this virus, why not do it with style and a bit of attitude"

The Corona Virus has turned our daily life completely upside down, and it looks like this virus are here to stay. Therefore Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth, have created a unique limited edition series of stylish and artistic CoVid 19 masks, for protection and limiting the spread.

Hornsleth CoVid masks consists of three different design, in three diffrent sizes, and they are called :  Great Love - Hornsleth (B&W) - Red Vagina.

They maybe provoke, especially the VAGINA, but the are ment as a positive, creative and artistic approach, making all the virus hype we are seeing these days, a bit more bearable...and of course to stand out of the crowd. 

  • Washable 
  • Reusable 
  • Stylish and provocative
  • Complies with AFNOR specifications for breathability and filtration
  • Latex free
  • Exterior layer consists of 91.7% polyester fibers and 8.3% spandex.
  • Between filter layer and inside layers, it consists of pure cotton
  • Filtration efficiency is > 90% of particles of 3 µm
  • Breathability with air permeability consists of <60 Pa / cm2

But we have to make clear and underline that :

  • This is NOT a CE tested medical mask
  • Wearing face masks in public should not be considered as a substitute for keeping physical distance
  • Always stay home in case of illness
  • Work from home if possible
  • Always maintain a good hand hygiene as well as avoid touching your face, nose, eyes and mouth

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