Hold ny hand

With this work Hornsleth returns to a familiar theme of confronting critics. This piece was created in response to a critical review that claimed his work was too dark and he was cold.

"Hold my hand, please", she said. " And tell me why you always have to make paintings about death, war and sex?  Can't you make some work about love and peaceful subjects?", she continued.

"Sure", I replied. "Just tell me that the future looks bright and my children will have a better life than I had. Then I'll promise to change my subject matter forever. "I see", she said, and looking down she continued: "But until then, please just hold my hand, until all is well in this crazy beautiful world."

“People will perceive this art work, as they perceive the world around them, and not how it really is, but how they wish to see it. For me this is a very sarcastic piece, no black (a metaphor for angst), no challenging slogan and a call to hold my hand.”

Available in size 50 x 70 cm only

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